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One-on-one instruction in the heart of Tyler, TX, for beginner to advanced voice and piano students.

About my voice & piano studio in Tyler, TX

What Kind of People I Instruct
(And Why I’m So Picky)

 Music is beautiful. And powerful. After all, it’s music that God chose to adorn the heavenly places.

But beauty comes at a price. No one masters vocal performance overnight. And no one excels in piano after his 3rd lesson. It takes time.

My sister and I started singing with my mother accompanying us when I was just 6 years old. The following decades have taken me through a bachelor’s in voice and piano from Baylor University, a master’s in vocal performance from Southern Methodist University, an adjunct professorship at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, and countless private lessons.

In other words, I have spent my life working to excel in music.

And it’s my passion for music and my limited time to teach–I only accept 25 students into my studio each year–that requires me to choose my students carefully. And while some are (or become) world-class singers, I’m not (necessarily) looking for the most skilled vocalists. I’m looking for teachable students who love music and will work diligently to create music as beautifully as they can.

I offer voice instruction beginning in 9th grade and piano instruction beginning in 3rd grade.

Sound like you?

Voice & piano instruction

Theory-Driven Instruction for Beginner & Advanced Students

Voice Lessons

My vocal students range from high school freshmen to adults. Most are with me once per week for 45-minutes (30 minutes if budget constraints).Though I genuinely enjoy teaching piano, voice instruction has no doubt been the heart of my life’s work for the last 5 decades.

Piano Lessons

My piano students range from 3rd grade to adults. They come once per week. Typically, my younger students take 30-minute lessons and my older students take 45-minute lessons.

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“You taught me. And I couldn’t have done any of this if you hadn’t.”

Anna Hertel, Blumey Award & Jimmy Award Winner

Voice & piano lesson pricing

Voice and/or Piano Lessons

30-Minute Lessons

Four 30-minute lessons per month for 9 months

45-Minute Lessons

Four 45-minute lessons per month for 9 months